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Issues with your plumbing, such as a slow draining kitchen sink is irritating for a homeowner, and could point to a defective garbage disposal. If you’re experiencing any issues with your sink, look to AABCO Plumbing, Drain & Rooter for our garbage disposal repair services. Garbage disposals are convenient, but when they’re malfunctioning, your time in the kitchen gets delayed. Your kitchen sink will be operating right again when our professional team troubleshoots issues and installs a new garbage disposal. Whether your garbage disposal needs to be fixed or you need a new one installed, AABCO Plumbing, Drain & Rooter can help. Don’t let a slow draining sink get in the way of things.

Plumbers for Garbage Disposal Repairs

One of the more common problems with garbage disposals is they’ll make a humming sound but the motor won’t perform properly. A lot of the time, some swift garbage disposal repairs can provide the solutions you’re looking for without having to be changed out. To keep costs within your budget, our team will troubleshoot issues to see how they can be fixed before installing a new one is even considered. With years of experience, our knowledgeable plumbers will be able to find a solution to the problem whenever possible. Each member of our plumbing team is a licensed and insured professional who you can trust to handle your repair and replacement needs.

To keep your sink disposal in good condition, our plumbers recommend these tips:

  • Things like rice, pasta, bones, fruit pits, eggshells, coffee grounds and other fibrous foods shouldn’t go through the disposal
  • Do not overload the disposal
  • You can strain unwanted solids from your garbage disposal by using a drain strainer in your kitchen sink
  • Get rid of the odor from your garbage disposal by grinding some lime peels



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AABCO Plumbing, Drain & RooterDo You Need a Sink Disposal Replacement?

Your sink’s garbage disposal can’t last forever, and if you have an older one, it may be time to change it. We will look to see if you have repairable sink disposal issues, otherwise we will replace it with a new model. If you need a garbage disposal replacement, we can help you explore different choices and find the one you need while staying within budget. You can count on us for quality garbage disposal services, and we’ll make sure your new unit has the horsepower you need and that the noise level is appropriate for you. Investing in a brand new sink disposal unit makes things more convenient in the kitchen and saves you money on further repairs.


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At AABCO Plumbing, Drain & Rooter, we take pride in our excellent reputation, personable customer service, and workmanship we offer. We’re dedicated to offer our customers the services they need, so you can get the repairs, or sink replacement services you need. Our professional plumbing services are 100% guaranteed, which means we offer warranties on all the work we complete. You know you can rely on our team of skilled plumbers to repair your garbage disposal issues, and do so with excellent results. We’re consistently ranked among top local plumbers in the area, and our customers trust us to provide convenient, affordable services. Turn to our team to schedule a garbage disposal replacement service and a free, upfront estimate.

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When you have a clogged garbage disposal or one that has stopped working altogether, reach out to our professional plumbers. We have the experience to inspect your home and provide the repair services you need at an excellent rate. If your system is broken or outdated, we also have the skills to replace the sink disposal with one that you can rely on for many years. If you need garbage disposal repair or installation services, schedule a consultation today with AABCO Plumbing, Drain & Rooter by getting in touch with us at 314-434-4100.



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We are number one plumbers for Northern Virginia specializing in clogged drains, clogged toilets, clogged pipes, and water heaters.